Saman of 10.001 Dancers Amazes the World


Having been recognized by the UNESCO as the World Intangible Cultural Heritage, Aceh’s Gayo Lues Saman Dance will again shake the world. It will massively and attractively be performed by 10.001 dancers (even it is reportedly more than expected that achieved 12.262 dancers) on August 13, 2017 at Seribu Bukit Stadium, Gayo Lues, Aceh – Indonesia.

As one of Aceh’s Gayo most attractive traditional dances, Saman Dance will break not only another record of MURI (Museum Record Indonesia) 2017 as the largest number of Saman dancers (10.001 local dancers) and a massive traditional dance exhibition, but also it will be another moment to strengthen our identity of Indonesia’s cultural diversity, which has been globally loved and performed.

As one of Aceh’s most famous traditional dances, which is pricisely from Gayo Lues District, Saman dance is dynamically performed by young males sitting on their heels or kneels in tight rows. Each dancer wears black costumes embroidered with colorful Gayonese motives symbolizing the wonderful local nature and culture of noble values.

The leader sits in the middle of the rows and leads the songs of the verses, mostly in the Gayonese language expressing religious values.

Dancers lively clap their hands, slap their chests, thighs and the ground, click theirs fingers and sway their bodies and heads in time with their shifting rhythms throughout the dance.

These movements explicitely reflect the unique daily lives of the Gayonese people and their natural environment.

Saman dance is commonly performed to celebrate national and religious holidays, cementing relationships between village groups who invite each other for the performance.

Let’s pay a tribute to our former famous Gayanese cleric and creator of Saman Dance, Syech Saman, who had firstly created a masterpiece to the world.

The late Syech Saman in particular and Aceh’s Gayonese People in general should be proud that the Saman Dance has become not only our valuable and prestigious masterpiece and a civic pride of Aceh’s Gayonese people, but also the UNESCO’s recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage, which amazes the people around the world. Hats off!!!

Via Rahmadhani